Rectification and Improvement of Penang Federal Route No. 6, From Roundabout Of Bagan Jermal/Kelawai Road To Mar Vista, Tanjung Bungah, Penang.


Public Works Department, Malaysia

Project Status:


Project Cost:

RM 54.6 Million

Services Provided:
  • Master planning
  • Site Investigation works
  • Detailed design
  • Preparation of contract documents
  • Construction Supervision
Scope Of Works:

The existing Federal Route No.6 in Penang was very winding and small, as the road was constructed along the contour of the hill. In this project the existing road is to be widened into 4 lanes and to be straightened at the critical area. In order to minimise of cutting the hill, a split level carriageway was proposed. This project involved many slope stabilisation as the widening required cutting of the existing hill. Amongst the stabilisation treatments adopted were soil nailing, micropile wall, caisson wall and reinforced concrete wall. The construction of road and slope stabilisation works were completed 8 years ago and until todate no sign of distress or failure occurred at site and the stabilisation treatments were effectively implemented.